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Kindness Korner

Volunteering Saves Lives--At Any Age

Giving Helps the Giver

Research on 2000 people, over age 55, has proven that giving reduces mortality, even when you start late. The statistics they came up with concluded that "those who volunteer for two or more organizations have a 44% lower likelihood of dying (within a five year period)"

Volunteering of this kind beats exercising four times a week. It is even more helpful than attending religious worship services. These conclusions were drawn from closely following, and monitoring, other groups. Only stopping cigarette smoking reduced mortality more. That had a 49% lower result. Most of this is documented in a great book by Stephen Post: Why Good Things Happen to Good People.

We are discovering that some of the behaviors we th0ught were mostly to be followed as "good Christian conduct", are in fact God's teaching about how to live healthier and longer lives. It isn't something we do to increase God's regard for us. It is God's guidance to help us! In the coming weeks I will spell out the realities, of the same kind, with several other prescribed ways of living about which the same conclusions can be drawn, for example--forgiveness, gratitude, fellowship.

Service, of any kind, is good. But continuing over the long run is difficult without some kinds of rewards. Now we know that helping is personally beneficial. It is never too late to start.

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