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My Angel Experience

“My Angel Experience”

While teaching a class about Angels I thought “has anything unusual ever happened to me that might have been an Angel experience?”

When I ran that open ended question through my mind a memory popped up. That was interesting in itself. Where did that come from, I thought? The event was over twenty-five years old. And I had never shared it with anyone. But since it jumped up I suspect it is important. Here is what I recalled.

One February Sunday morning in Michigan I had traveled across town to teach at a church adult education class. On the way home it was snowing rather hard. Driving about 35 MPH I came to a locally infamous S-curve on the Freeway in mid-Grand Rapids. As I entered the curve I suddenly saw right in front of me several cars stopped in a pile up. The freeway was blocked and I groaned “Oh God I’m going to hit them.” There was no chance of braking with the slippery road and no opening on the left, the right, or through the middle. Hitting them was unavoidable.

Then suddenly I was on the other side of the wrecks. I was past them. They were behind me. I kept going, stunned and puzzled, but I just kept chugging along, and soon arrived home for dinner. I really gave it little additional thought. But obviously it got stored in a special compartment in my brain waiting to be recognized.

Today I share it, now and then, selectively and carefully as “My Angel Experience”.

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  1. Another story that gives me shivers Papa. The good kind of shivers. This story sounds like something that would've come from those magazines grandma kok gives me, "Angels on Earth". I'm really glad that you post these things, because I don't even think I've ever heard you tell me that story!