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Asking for Help is Kindness Too

Asking for Help is Kindness Too

Rhea Zakich sent me this account of an important encounter she had with a couple of youngsters:

"Jim, I had a neat and sweet experience today."----from Rhea Zakich.

I went to the Post Office with 6 rather large packages. I took them out of the trunk of my car and walked across the parking lot, barely able to see over them, let alone, see the sidewalk. As I got closer to the door, I noticed two little boys fighting (I'd guess they were 6 & 8). The older one was bullying the younger one. At first, I wanted to say something and separate them. And then this thought came to me. Rather than admonish them, EMPLOY THEM!

So I said in a loud voice, "I'm looking for two strong boys to open this door for me." Suddenly, they stopped hitting, stood up and just stared at me. I repeated it, but in a kinder voice, like I was pleading. "I'm looking for two strong boys to open this door for me." They bounded to the big heavy glass double doors and each opened one. They stood like little soldiers as I entered. I praised them for "rescuing me". I wondered if their mother was in the long customer line or why it was they were wrestling outside on a public sidewalk, but no one seemed to pay attention to them.

The entire time I stood in line, they remained, standing by the door, like guards, It seemed they wanted to be their best for me. I smiled a few times as I moved toward the counter, but after my packages were handled, I had to walk past them. Since my hands were now free I couldn't really say I needed them to open the door again. But I did smile and say, "Whew! I don't know what I would have done without you two strong boys. Thank you." They beamed.

Isn't it amazing how the slightest bit or recognition, or asking a favor, can change the day for someone? Isn't it interesting that the same energy it takes to hit someone can be used to help someone? I think people would rather be visible, than miserable, employed, rather than ignored, used, rather than bruised. Don't you?

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