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Kindness Korner

What Prayer Is

Prayer is More Than Words and Thoughts

Prayer usually is active thinking and caring for another person. It can include picturing them in your mind, and even trying to feel their pain, when there is a trial or grief. At the very least we will be thinking of them and their need, when we pray for them.

Love is being given when we stand and pray with someone. Love is traveling from us to the one in need. And, Love is from God. God is Love, the Apostle John says, in I John 4:16. Our Love is God flowing through us into the other.

I like to think of that Love as energy. So our prayer, for someone, is sending Godly energy into them. Prayer is Love, and Godly energy, flowing from me and directly from God. That resource, that energy, has the power to heal and encourage; to restore and strengthen.

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