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Amateurs Do It Best

Amateurs Do It Best

I do not want an amateur operating on my Pancreas or Thyroid Gland. There I prefer a professional, for certain. But when it comes to care and kindness, the friendliness and appreciation parts of life, a person who isn't getting paid may be the best.

The word "amateur" comes from the Latin word amore' meaning "to love". So an accurate understanding of what an amateur is is one who does it for the love of it, rather than for money.

Even in the world of helping there is a need for professional care. However if the amateurs of this world would mobilize and reach out to hurting people a lot more, less professional assistance would be needed.

Amateurs totally underestimate their value, so they hang back. Amateurs discount what they do, so they stay home.

Loving-kindness in the form of phone calls, visits, notes, smiles, words of encouragement or appreciation change body chemistry for the better. Spirit lifting words are spirit lifting and a buoyed spirit generates positive enzymes and chemistry. In other words they heal. People trust amateurs when they show love. That is why amateurs do it better.

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