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You Are Always on the Job

“You are Always on the Job”

When you go to the book store to make a purchase, you are still on the job. This is not free time completely. Likewise, when you go to your doctor’s office to keep an appointment. You have work to do, while you are there. The same is true when you park you car in a public parking garage, or drive through McDonalds. You have an assignment there too.

In each of those situations the job is similar. You are there to brighten the lives of those who help you. You are not just a receiver, a taker, a customer, or patient. You are a giver, as well. Your task is to find simple ways to lift their spirits, encourage them, appreciate those you meet.

It starts, of course with looking at them: Eye contact. Then a smile. Noticing them. Then words—like “I really admire the way you do your work.” Or, I love your smile.” Or, You are so attractive.” Or merely, with energy, “It is good to see you!”

A few days ago, on a Saturday, there was a knock at our front door. It was an older lady with a little dog on a leash. We did not recognize her. She said she often walked past our house while exercising her dog. Then she said: “I want you to know how much I enjoy walking past your house and hearing the piano playing. I just love that.”

She made our day; especially Linda’s the piano player. Here was an unexpected, spontaneous act of appreciation. She lifted our spirits and brightened our lives. A perfect and unique example of kindness.

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