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Kindness Korner

Two Elders Star at Care and Kindness Conference

Rebecca Caldwell and Mark Harris stepped up to the plate, and hit home runs in our annual event, just completed. They were both drafted. It wasn't their idea that they should be speakers. But they sensed that they were equipped for what was needed and both said "Yes".

Rebecca is a long time Disneyland employee. So she fit perfectly our new plan, to attempt to teach people in businesses, and professional offices, something about loving-kindness. We all know Disneyland is famed for personal attention and consideration of their visitors. So Rebecca was recruited to pull together some of what she knows and practices, to share with the broader community.
In a recent mailing to churches we opened with the sentence "Churches should be the friendliest places on earth." So we were also hoping a few church employees would also show up and catch the message-and the vision. Rebecca solidly inspired her audience!

Mark Harris is an inspiring person in every way. His work is to coach and guide women and men in cordiality as they meet customers on the telephone. He is the Director of Customer Service for Alchemy Worldwide. Mark had a primary focus on the kind of loving kindness one can bring in a telephone conversation. What a need! Everything happens over the telephone these days. And Mark is really living out the love of Jesus Christ by teaching his people loving kindness in their work. God is love. And Love is God. Thank you Mark for your leadership in being The Light of the World.

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