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Kindness Korner

Care and Kindness’ March Line-Up

Our church has been commended repeatedly for being “the friendliest church we’ve ever been to”. We are working very hard to keep it that way, and to help other churches become outstanding in showing hospitality, friendliness, appreciation and encouragement.

Our annual Care and Kindness conference is designed to help us all be “the light of the world” as Jesus called us.

New Speakers:

(1.) Dr. Robert Emmons—author of Thanks. He is the leading researcher on the benefits and skills of being actively grateful every day of the week. He is from The University of California-Davis.

(2.) Dr. William La Fleur from The University of Pennsylvania. He teaches Comparative Religions. We live in the neighborhood of the largest Vietnamese population outside of Saigon, most of whom are Buddhists. Dr. La Fleur will enlighten us on how to show loving kindness to this wonderful group of people.

(3.) David Kinnaman---He has unsettling evidence that Christians are not held in esteem by those outside the church. His book UnChristian shows his research. Kinnaman will also talk about how to fix this.

PLUS: Robby V. Schuller, Rebecca Caldwell, Vicki Orr, Annette Craig, Jan Pfeffer, Dick Innes, all with dynamic, helpful, topics for keeping our lights shining brightly.

March 12, 13, 14---in The Arboretum of The Crystal Cathedral

For more information about our Care and Kindness Conference Click Here

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