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Kindness Korner

A Discovery by Three Navajo Pastors at the Kindness Conference

There were many highlights, for me, this year, but one stands out. It was the response of the three men from New Mexico. They said, "We have found what we have been looking for." The conference was barely underway when this conversation, with Linda Kok and Dr. Mark Spee, occurred. We were just getting started, and they were already excited about what they had heard.

The Pastor, and his two assistants, lead a church in New Mexico, forty miles north of Gallup. They have been to a number of different major church teaching events. Here is how they summarized why they were enthusiastic about what we were presenting: they said the other events, they had attended, all stress the necessity that the local church be involved in some kind of highly organized project. They gave a few examples, and then they said, "But this is what we think is the answer - They talk about projects. You talk about living it. That is what we need! We will take this home. We think this is the key to keeping the younger generation. They need to know that following Jesus makes a positive difference in people's lives."

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