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Kindness Korner

Twelve “Secret” Behaviors: They Will Brighten Lives—including yours, the giver.

Prelude: Five (or Six) Key Essentials before incorporating the “12 Secrets”-These are vital for everypone to believe.

1. You have the capacities, qualities, and abilities that can brighten another person’s life, help them gain confidence and feel hopeful, about life.

2. Everyone can be helped by your encouragement, kindness, interest and friendliness. No one is exempt.

3. Your warmth, friendliness, and kindness, when another feels it and sees it, makes them feel there is goodness and care in this world. That is hopefulness.

4. When you show any form of loving-kindness toward anybody you it is like showing it to Jesus, himself.

5. The care and kindness you give to others is infectious. They will catch it and pass it on, to help keep the ripples flowing, making this a happier world.

Plus: The benefits others gain from your care and kindness are matched by the positive feelings you will experience, in and from the process of offering such love.

Next I will list the first six of the Twelve Secrets.

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