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People Need People

People Need People

What does this mean?  “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am present.”  They are the words of Jesus.  Is it just a description of a potent reality or is there more to it?

On the one hand it is saying that when we are gathered together in small groups The Lord is present with us.  However it would be an error to just leave it as a description.  It is also a prescription.  The words tell us we ought to get together in small groups because there is a special effect in those kind of gatherings.

Realizing this is a prescription we come to the understanding that in small groups the healing and helping presence of Christ Jesus becomes effective.  Such beneficial occasions are the result of the reality that Christ is in each of us and being with each other makes a positive difference.

Prayer is a powerful and necessary resource in our lives but a great amount of healing , renewal and restoration comes through being with others who care and encourage us.  Listening, forgiving, accepting are healing modalities.  And they are facilitated by people near us.

Sometimes we act as if God’s love comes through Bible verses, Christian truths and ideas.  We sometimes act as if the hurting person needs to get her facts straight or he needs clearer understanding of certain truths.  Far more powerful and healing is the presence of a caring friend or two.  “Weep with those who weep” the Bible advises.  There is where healing happens.  Not by getting better understanding.

That is what the church must be, a group who hurt with each other and laugh with each other.  It must be people who are “we” not “he” and “me”.  Just “we”.  That is the body of Christ.  We feel with each other.  And when we gather together and hear each other’s stories, healing happens.    


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