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Combating Ageism--Six Suggestions

Ageism is an attitude or outlook that discounts and belittles the older years, and those of that age.

Suggestions for Taking a Different Approach:

1.  Discontinue even playfully fibbing or denying your true chronological age.

2.  Praise, honor, and show esteem openly to those who reach milestones of advanced age.

3.  Eliminate quips that knock and mock older age.  Regard such comments as inappropriate.  They are like racist or vulgar words.

4.  Seek the company of older people.  Treasure their observations, opinions, and advice.  Ask older folks to share their story with you.

5.  Select and elect older people for church and community leadership positions.

6.  Change your mind about aging.  Perceive it as a new opportunity rich with new rewards and discoveries.

A Proverb in the Bible says:  "Gray hair is a crown of splendor."

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  1. Great insights Jim. Keep up the good work.

    Warren & Carolyn