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Kindness Korner

Thanks to Deborah Norville for this:

The Benefits of Being Consciously Grateful
1. They felt better about their lives as a whole.
2. They were more optimistic.
3. They were more energetic.
4. They were more enthusiastic.
5. They were more determined.
6. They were more interested.
 7. They were more joyful.
8. They felt stronger about handling challenges.
9. They exercised more (nearly an hour and a half more per week).
10. They had fewer illnesses.
11. They got more sleep.
12. They made more [progress toward important personal goals.
 13. They were more likely to have helped someone else.
 14. They were perceived by others to be m0ore generous and helpful.
15. They were less envious of those with more possessions.
16. They were less cluttered.

Other benefits:
A. Clearer thinking—more creativity and openness to ideas.
B. Better resilience during tough times.
C. Higher immune response.
D. Less likelihood of being plagued by stress.
E. Longer lives.
F. Closer family ties.
G. Greater religiousness.

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