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Kindness Korner

God Heals. You Show Up.

God Heals
(But God sincerely requests your gracious assistance)

It should be engraved on the mind of every warmhearted and softhearted follower of Jesus that God heals the broken hearted and you do not have to try to do it.  If there is healing needed God, will take care of it.  All we have to do is “show up.”

We all know those who have come back to life after being “hit by a freight train”.  Some we know have come through the most dreadful tragedies imaginable and now years later once again smile, laugh, dance, and sing.  It is never right away.  And it is never singing without a deep pain in one corner of their heart.  But they do come back to life.

Our place is to be there, confidently and patiently allowing God to work healing while we walk along side- listening, mingling our tears with theirs, praying, hugging.  This means resisting our impulses to try to fix them.  It means resisting our logical explanations and theological perspectives that proclaim why this happened, or how it can be softened.   

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  1. May God bring into my life those He wishes for me to have an influence upon for him.