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Kindness Korner

World Brightening Behavior # 6

Smile Generously. Your smile is always available. Remember to turn it on.

1. Anyone, regardless of age, or level of intelligence, can lift another’s spirits by giving a smile.
2. Not only is the other person lifted, you, the one smiling, are lifted. There is evidence that putting on a smile also makes the person offering the smile feel better.
3. Smiling may raise our immunity level. Research suggests that when Botox is applied to a frown, taking the frown away, the person is often less depressed and more positive in their outlook. The muscles of the face seem to be connected to the chemical system.
4. Frowns generate bad chemicals. Smiles produce beneficial chemicals.

5. Turn your smile on even if you do not feel like smiling.

6. Smile! Brighten the world. Heal troubled and broken hearts.

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