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It Was Only a Touch!!

The Power of a Touch
At a recent dinner/entertainment event something happened I want to tell you about. During the dinner I had strolled around the tables greeting and chatting with the diners, joking and kidding most of the time.

A few weeks after that dinner I met a handsome older man (turned out he is 82 years old) who told me he had been present that day. He then shared something that thrilled me to the depths of my soul, and stunned me with its importance. He said that I had walked past him when he was sitting at a table and that I had laid my hand ever so briefly on his shoulder, as I went by. Then he added “That touch absolutely blessed me!” And he said a little more about what a strong moment that had been.

A touch as I walked by! So small! So appreciated! A touch?! And he was moved, his spirits were lifted, his mood was changed.

Again I am jolted into awareness of the importance of our Care and Kindness campaign. This is life changing business. This is spreading spiritual medicine everywhere we go. And anyone and everyone is able to take part. It takes so little to heal a soul

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  1. I visited my 96-year-old aunt yesterday, unplanned.

    I was in a fight with family members who're not believers - it looked like a spiritual battle to me. I prayed hard to God, ran out of home, and didn't know where to go and what to do. Unexpectedly, I nervously stopped by my aunt's house. She's a long time Catholic whose stroke of decades ago left lower part of her body paralyzed, has had breast cancer since 2000, couldn't speak clearly... Yet, she always puts on a smiling face, enjoys whatever food she can take and a good "conversation", asks "how everybody is doing" and "how I'm doing". She's a miracle among us and some relatives think only her God makes her so happily surviving for so long. They're amazed at her passion for life: she loves life and everyone around her. They wonder how come they, the have's and the rich and the young, are bitter about life, whereas someone like aunt has joy within her.

    I prayerfully bought a kind of food for her, not knowing if she liked it or not. God was in that visit. She loved the food - her good appetite surprised all of us ! And she sat in the chair for hours (she usually couldn't sit for that long), talking (I could barely understand), listening (most of the time), cheering her daughter and I, laughed, and later had a beautiful sound sleep!! God answered my prayer to bless the visit!

    I gently touched her arm throughout the conversation, remembering "the power of a touch" I learnt from this ministry, from you Pastor Jim Kok and Dr. Schuller.

    It was a beautiful day God gave us. After that, my heart was changed. I bought Dad's favourite food for him and spoke gently to mum. God also worked in my parents' hearts. They were gentle to me as well. A moment of family reconciliation, by God's amazing grace.

    You're my blessing, our blessing, pastor Jim Kok! Thank you so much!