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God's Servants win Nobel Prize

Three scientists were recently awarded The Nobel Prize for Physics. One laid the groundwork for the globe-circling fiber optic networks that transmit most of the world’s communications.

Two others discovered enormous new possibilities with light that led to our cell-phones and digital cameras.

Willard Boyle, George Smith and Charles K. Kao have changed our world,mostly for the better.

These men, like all who improve life on earth, are instruments of God. What came out of their many years of research and work points directly to the mind of God operating in their minds.

Regardless of whether or not these men are people of faith, we who are people of faith must give thanks to God for them, and their work. Not only that, we should honor them and give them acclaim, naming their work as God’s work.

Making the world a better, happier, healthier, more beautiful and a safer place, is one basic part of “Building the Kingdom

It would be totally appropriate to call these men into church and publicly give them honor and admiration. They could then be acclaimed as faithful servants of God—even if they didn’t believe it, or know it!
We are promised “a new heaven and a new earth” by Jesus. His resurrected body, changed and different, was the first evidence of something new and wonderful to come. Everything we do that improves life, whether simple or complex, is an early contribution to the new heaven and new earth to come.

Christians are called to that kind of living. In addition we must notice, stand in awe and appreciation of, anything wondrous that is discovered or developed for humankind’s well-being. It is the work of God.

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