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Who Believes in Prayer Here?

Who Believes in Prayer?

In a small mid-western town a new beer joint started to build a building for their new business. The local church was alarmed and they started a campaign to block the bar from opening. They circulated petitions and called people to pray that the business be stopped.

Work progressed, however, right up until the week before the planned opening of the new tavern. Then one dark night, in a tremendous thunder storm, lightning struck the bar and set it afire. The new building burned to the ground.

The church folk were smugly gratified about this setback for the new bar. Then one day they were informed that the owner of the new establishment was suing the church. His grounds were that the church was ultimately responsible for the destruction of his facility.

Naturally the church vehemently denied all responsibility and any connection to what had happened, and told that to the judge who was officiating on the lawsuit.

When the judge after much deliberation needed to announce his ruling he said "I am not sure how to rule on this. It appears that the tavern owner believes in the power of prayer, and the church does not."

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