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Kindness Korner

Give God to People. It is Easy

It is easy to give God to people. You just look at them, smile, and greet them with a warm word, and move on. Friendliness is God's love coming through average and ordinary folks, some of whom easily discount their importance.

You are the church! Your friendliness is vital to every visitor, co-worker, and other church members. Everyone hungers for a spirit-lifting boost from God. And Jesus depends on you and me to provide it. Yes, God heals directly too, but God's first line of support and healing is you, and me.

There is not one person who can discount themselves or disqualify themselves from this assignment and opportunity. The lowest paid, least educated, person's smile and kindness is as powerful as anyone elses.

Bad moods or late nights do not take you off the hook. Nor does your importance or your high level of activity. There is not one person who is not The Light of the World, says Jesus. That means the brightness of our surroundings is affected by our attitude and actions. Merely everyday friendliness-greeting and smiling lifts spirits and thereby brightens the world. Even such simple gifts are a powerful way of giving Jesus Christ to people, because God is Love.

Today more than ever the world is lonely. As we let the love of Jesus spill on those around us we are healing them with Love.

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