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Kindness Korner

# 5 Speak About Your Appreciation

5. Say "thank you". Whatever anyone does for you- if they fill out a form, hand you a check or receipt, point something out--say "thank you", or "I appreciate your help." I even pour it on my dentist: "thank you for the way you take care of me." Surprise people with direct, audible words of appreciation.

Example: I answered a phone call from the Laguna Playhouse. The call was promotional. She was selling tickets for their upcoming series. For a variety of reasons there was no chance we would be interested. Not only that, her call was intruding on an important project on which I was working. Nevertheless I said "Thank you for calling us. I appreciate your interest in our attending your productions." Needless to say she concluded the call with warmth and kindness. Surprise people with energetic gratitude.

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