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The Lady Had a Christian Symbol on Her Car Trunk

Drama at the Gas Station
The lady had a chrome-plated fish symbol neatly glued on the trunk panel of her white Lincoln Continental. The name Jesus was spelled out inside the lines in the shape of the fish.

The whole scene is fixed in my memory because the driver, a large blond woman, was very upset with the gas station attendant. He, a small Asian person, had accidentally spilled oil on the fender and motor of her beautiful car, in the process of adding some to the crankcase.

There was a hot verbal interchange that I couldn't hear distinctly, as I pumped my gas. Then just before she slammed her door and sped away in a huff she shouted: "Vell, vy don't you people go back to your own country!"

I hoped the attendant didn't notice the "Jesus" sign on the back. It was a pathetic scene, but I couldn't keep from laughing at the irony of her words spoken with a heavy European brogue. She had a Christian label on her automobile, but her soul was pretty mixed up demanding. "Jesus" was written on her car but not in her heart.

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