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Kindness Korner

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Say “Thank You”
World Brightener # 5

Say “thank you”. Whatever anyone does for you- if they fill out a form, hand you a check or receipt, point something out---say “thank you”, or “I appreciate your help.” I even pour it on my dentist: “thank you for the way you take care of me” I have said. Surprise people with words of appreciation.

Example: I answered a phone call from the Laguna Playhouse. The call was promotional. She was selling tickets for their upcoming series. For a variety of reasons there was no chance we would be interested. Not only that, her call was intruding on an important project on which I was working. Nevertheless I said “Thank you for calling us. I appreciate your interest in our attending your productions.” I thought “here is someone working for an hourly wage doing something usually bothersome to those she reaches.” So I decided to try to brighten her hour by being appreciative. Needless to say she concluded the call with warmth and kindness.

P.S. There are new words in today’s marketplace for “you’re welcome.” I do not like them, but they are the equivalent of “you’re welcome.” The new words are “no problem”. Especially among youth no one says anything except “no problem”. I’m trying to get accustomed to this response.

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