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Kindness Korner

The Power of Kind Words

A few days ago I received a note in the U.S. Mail from someone I had not seen, or thought about, in over twenty-five years. It came from 1500 miles away.

Strangely it was handwritten on napkin paper. In a few words she said she wanted to thank me for an act of kindness I did in 1984. She had been working at Pine Rest Christian Hospital, where I was a Chaplain. That year I had left for The Crystal Cathedral ministry. She said that when I departed I had sent her a note thanking her for her helpfulness (she was the assistant who checked out hospital cars for employee use and had done this for me often). So here it is 2009 and she still remembers warmly that note!

I do not recall writing it. But what a powerful testimony about the wonderful effect of a simple few words of appreciation.

P.S. My response was to mail her a copy of my book The Miracle of Kindness, autographed with a few fresh words of loving-kindness.

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