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World Brightening Behavior # 3 Act Friendly !!!

#3 TheThird World Changing Behavior, Anyone Can Do

"Act Friendly"

The emphasis here is on the word ACT. We do not just follow our feelings. That is, it doesn’t depend on our mood, that we are feeling friendly, to present friendliness to someone. We are obliged to do what is good, what is right, what is needed, necessary, and mature. Regardless of what we may be feeling, we can decide to send a message of friendliness.

The important part of this is to know that when we act friendly we lift another’s spirits. Their body chemistry is affected and made better. They will feel better and even be healthier. Their system will fight disease, germs and other illnesses more effectively after their spirit is lifted by friendliness.

There is a secondary gain too. S/he who gives the gift of friendliness also will feel in-spired. The word inspired means in-spirited, which is to be lifted in how you are feeling. The “medicine man” he/she wo offers the good gift to the other person will be rewarded in like manner.

It can be no more than “Hi how’ya doing,” and a pat on the arm. Even that little, is friendliness personified.

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