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Kindness Korner

# 4 World Brightening Behavior

Offer Compliments

“You look great”. “I like doing business with you.” “You have a good attitude.” “I love your smile.”

Inside each of us, everyone of us, are many appreciative feelings, words of admiration, and gratitude. Such feelings and thoughts are popping up all the time. A clerk, a stranger, a friend or family member, may say or do something helpful or encouraging, or kindly. Most of what we feel and think, of this sort, remains unexpressed. It is there, but it is not let out. It is kept inside ourselves.

Spread, spray, sprinkle appreciative thoughts and grateful feelings on people. Take a second during, or after, any transaction, and put into words a short sentence of thankfulness, appreciation or admiration. Make it simple, direct, and personal. Make it a habit.

Sometimes it helps to plan ahead to offer such a parting gift. Take five seconds, while the clerk is ringing up your bill, to plan what you will say, then say it with a smile.

Example: I was on the telephone trying to get repair services for our home phone. As the service representative finished with me I paused and then said “you are really a nice person.” She literally gasped and then gushed her appreciation.

I routinely respond to cashiers and clerks who mechanically say "Have a nice day," with these words "Thank you. You have just made it nicer.".

The surprising secret about all these "world brightening" tactics is this: the giver's life brightens in the process of lifting the spirits of others.

Happier people are created by giving loving-kindness to others.

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