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Kindness Korner

World Brightening Behavior # 2

Make Eye Contact

Look the person in the eyes briefly, with warmth. Look at their face. Combine your eye contact with a greeting and a smile.

“The eyes are the windows of our soul,” the Bible says. We must look in them. To be looked at, personally, is medicine for the soul.

Comment: I had an interesting conversation with a Native American pastor, one of the persons we call “Indian”. He said his people, The Navajos, were not accustomed to making eye contact. He himself did, I noticed, but he explained that going to Fuller Seminary had changed him.

I wondered out loud to him, if lack of eye contact might be the result of being oppressed by others. That they may have been punished for making eye contact by foreign conquerors or even other Indian nations that had ruled them.

We agreed that it seemed as if eye contact was an appropriate human behavior, even Christian, that should be encouraged.

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