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Who Believes Prayer Changes Things?

Who Believes Prayer Changes Things?

In a small conservative mid-western town, a new Tavern owner started building a facility in which he would operate his beer and wine service business. The local church took exception to this. Theuydid not want this business in their town.

The church started a prayer and written petition campaign to block the Tavern from opening. Construction work progressed however right up until the week of the scheduled opening. Then one night lightening struck the new place and it burned to the ground.

The church folks were shocked but pleased, of course.

Shortly after the fire the bar owner went to court and sued the church for the destruction of their building.

The church, of course, came to court and vehemently denied all responsibility, or any connection, to the demise of that building.

The case made its way through the legal system, and the judge to whom it was assigned said at the public hearing: “I do not know how to decide this. From what I have read it looks like the Tavern owner believes in the power of prayer but the church people don’t.”

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