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Change is Possible

Change is Possible

Hereis an example of how you can change. You can change! Note: I go to the UCI Medical Center about once a month. I always leave my car in the parking garage, get my ticket stamped at the Dr’s office so I can park with no charge. When I exit, the same woman is always there to take my ticket. She then raises the bar to let me drive out, by pushing a button. That is her job. However I also have a job.

I’m merely parking there and driving my car down the ramp, but I have a job to do. My God-assigned task is to brighten the attendant’s life, not just pass the time until I get back to my office. I have a duty to carry out. It is to leave her with something that will make her life brighter. Her spirit must be lifted.

After many months she knows me when she sees me because I always say “You’re beautiful.” She is an older woman, simply dressed and she always responds with embarrassment, “Oh no, oh, wow!” Two simple words and a smile and her life is better, at least for part of that day. And it is so easy. It’s not something that is done for the fun of it. It is fun, but it is my job in life to see people, and notice people, and leave them a little cheered. It takes so little to do so much.

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