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Here is the April Fool Joke of my Life

“April Fool" A Really Dirty Trick Our family of six was gathered in our TV/eating room contentedly munching and getting ready for a pleasant evening of family TV. It was Sunday, a little before six. Then the phone rang and Julie, our teenage daughter, jumped to answer it. “Hello, yes it is. Yes, he is here. What? (sounding shocked)he is supposed to be preaching at your church for the evening service? Just a minute I will call him to the phone.” I had heard the whole conversation, and in sheer terror got up to take the telephone from Julie. All of us were in shock as I reached for the telephone. I put it to my ear, ready to deal with a terribly embarrassing predicament, when Julie in sheer delight hollered “April Fool!!!!” Oh, what an indescribable feeling that evoked. Incredible relief, wrapped up in an enormous load of irritation. Profound amusement mixed with helpless anger. And all I could express was relief and admiration, and laugh, over the best April Fool joke of my life. Julie had arranged for her friend Kris Engelhard to make the call at exactly a few minutes before six. Six o’clock was the time most of the local churches scheduled their evening services. It took me a few days to recover from that one.

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