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Tricky Business Raises $10,000.00 for Youth

Tricky Business at the Youth Auction

(How I Helped Raise $10,000.00)

As I sat down with a handful of friends, including Evelyn and Frank Freed, I heard Evelyn say she really wanted to get the Laker tickets that were going to be auctioned off. There were two, courtside, and it was in the year The Lakers were flying high with Kobe Bryant and Shaq playing well together. All tickets were in high demand. But these two were special and available—at a price. Bidding was to start at $500.00

When I heard that Evelyn wanted them I made a mental note. I thought: (1) Evelyn has enough money to go to any price to get the tickets. (2). Evelyn usually doesn’t give up until she gets what she is after. (3). Maybe I can have some fun and help the cause by bidding against her a little while.

After the bidding opened and I had playfully topped her opening bid I quietly left the table. I went and stood a ways away where Evelyn couldn’t see me. There I continued my bidding. Soon the price had risen to $3000.00 and I bid $4 K. She went to $5 K. I went to $6 K. Evelyn did not know who else was bidding and she, with determination, kept going. I upped the price to $ 8 K and my knees started shaking. “Oh my, what if she stops. I cannot afford this,” I panicked. But she went to $9 K without a moment of hesitation. I then went $9.5 K and when she said “10”, I quit.

It was a few weeks later that I learned someone had told on me. But Evelyn only pretended to be vexed, I think. I had a good laugh, after I quit shaking. And I felt so good about how I had helped the cause.


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